Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Meaning Of Life

Indeed, life is like dust but life is not dust nor wheels, bridges or even struggle. Life is filled with the mystery of life is also smeared with anxiety, anxiety every human child about his life.

In addition,  another side of live is happiness, excitement, pleasure, and million other pleasures that deserve to be enjoyed, blend together in dimension, and the story of human life.

Life is not like chewing gum when we get bored easily we can spit it roadside or in a bin and life is not as difficult as we imagine..

So ..What is the meaning of life?

Yes. a simple question that requires an answer which is not easy. How many humans has been born and has a life story that became a history for the next generation never know what is the real meaning of life and what life want from them.

How many people live with a selfish attitude do things without consideration of the human in order to satisfy its lust and ego. Let's see now what happens with our planet, global warming is causing damage and rupture atmosphere layer and melting of ice in some parts of the north pole, the damage was not only dangerous to humans but all the contents of our planet is the earth where we live now.

How about us ?
Are we ever realized with the purpose of our lives?
If yes of course it is very amazing and the next question that arises is does purpose of our life is beneficial for other people, the environment and life?

Let me give an example that we often experience in our daily lives. How much money we spend on food and luxury holiday? while we know in other parts of the world are our brothers and sisters suffering from hunger, they only eat once a day, but we simply leave the table if we do not like the food to various reasons like most or less salt, mayonnaise, chees and sauce or other reasons which make us not to touch the food so that the food ends up in the trash.

We are never aware of this or pretend not aware, whatever the reason life is not just our own, and of course, we do not have the right to do as we pleased.

Have you open your window and see the surrounding circumstances, how many things have changed, maybe some of the better but most of the others for the worse.

Well. Now what will we do?

Shouted all over the world stop global warming without any real action. Not.

Let's get out of bad habits for the better, put waste and dirt in its place, comply with the rules relating to the environment, helping and sharing with others, more efficient in energy consumption, more sensitive to the environment in which we live.

Is not that much better than just talking without any real action. Lots of little things that need our attention because of the little things that lead to remarkable effect.

Do this by you, according to your ability is not always tangible material, smile, support, and advice is also a different form of affection.

Love life and all its contents so that life is much more meaningful and understandable, from it, we will know what the meaning of life.


Meru :)

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